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All Green Hydroseed

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Our Connecticut Services

With our headquarters in Plymouth, Connecticut, we have years of experience providing top-quality service both within the state and those surrounding it.

Commercial Hydroseeding CT

Commercial Hydroseeding CT

For large or uneven areas where grass or vegetation growth is needed, we offer our hydroseeding services. We are able to cover huge areas quickly with our equipment.

Hydroseeding contractors

Commercial Drill Seeding CT

If water is not readily available, we offer drill seeding services using specialized equipment to drill holes in the soil and plant seeds at the right depth, perfect for large, flat areas.

Erosion control 1

Commercial Erosion Control CT

We understand the risks of soil erosion and the problems that can arise from it — we can work with you to provide hydroseeding and drill seeding services to mitigate erosion.

Hydroseeding Services Near Me in CT

Commercial Vegetation Establishment CT

Working in conservation planting or dealing with barren soil after a construction project? Our range of seeding services can help. We also offer wild flower seed mixtures.

Our Story

About All Green Hydroseed

We specialize in seeding and vegetation establishment for commercial properties. We are located in Connecticut but serve nationwide.
Quality, efficiency, and safety are our top priorities on every job site. We believe that the best way to advertise is positive word of mouth from satisfied customers.
All Green Hydroseed is your one-stop shop for commercial hydroseeding, commercial drill seeding, commercial erosion control and vegetation establishment.
Giving back is important to us as well. You will likely see our best staff member, Capone, pictured on our trucks. Our company believes in fair treatment and spoiled animals, so All Green Hydroseed proudly supports the ASPCA.
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Competitive Pricing

Our equipment and team makes our competitive pricing possible.


10+ years of erosion control and vegetation establishment.

High Quality

We source top grade products and equipment for all our projects.

Safety & Efficiency

We are all about efficiency which is why we purchase top notch equipment.

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We are a hydroseeding contractor offering services to all of CT. If you’d like a quote for our hydroseeding and drill seeding services, you can do so from the comfort of your home. Simply click the button below to get started.

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About Us

Commercial Drill Seeding
The All Green team is very professional and did an excellent job with the hydroseeding on my site. They provided an accurate quote and showed up on time. Would highly recommend them in the future
Luke Pepper
Commercial Hydroseeding 400 x 400 px
Great company! Honest prices and honest work.
Commercial Hydroseeding Service
Great service, lawn is coming in a lot faster than expected, and price was cheaper than I had heard from other companies
Kyle Poirier

Our Recent Projects

No project is too big, we work with all types of projects. From highway construction to solar farms to mines, you’ll get quality service every time. Check out some of our recent projects...

Wallingford, CT Solar Field

Located in Wallingford, Connecticut this large scale solar installation was a large scale project that covered several acres of land. Our team provided the revegetation and erosion management following the successful installation of the the solar arrays.

Brooklyn, NY Vegetation

Located in Brooklyn, New York, our team successfully provided the vegetation for an expansion of Steiner Studios. Both the Titan T400 and T330 hydroseeders were utilized in this project.

Rutland, VT Solar Install

Located in Rutland, Vermont, a large scale solar installation was completed during the summer of 2021. Throughout the project, the All Green Hydroseed team provided erosion control and vegetation establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hydroseeding is completely safe and non-toxic. All the components — grass seed, mulch, water, tackifier — are environmentally-friendly.

Hydroseeding is more effective than dry or broadcast seeding, as it provides both the moisture and nutrients that grass needs to grow in one application.

The blue/green color of a freshly hydroseeded area is due to an indicator dye, used by hydroseeding contractors to check the coverage of their application. This dye will fade within a week. 

Exact costs will vary based on your project — factors such as seed type, soil additives, and ease of access will affect costs. To get an accurate estimate for your project, contact us!

If you have a large area in need of vegetation establishment, hydroseeding gives you a cost effective uniform one time application. Hiring professional hydroseeding contractors will ensure you get what you need.

Look no further! All Green Hydroseed is your one-stop shop for commercial hydroseeding, commercial drill seeding, commercial erosion control, and vegetation establishment.

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