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What is Drill Seeding?

Drill seeding is a mechanical seeding process commonly used for seeding flat  large highway, commercial, or industrial projects. It is commonly used in areas where water is scare or not readily available.

It uses a specialized tractor and equipment to drill holes in the ground and plant seeds at just the right depth. The equipment makes it easy to customize the depth of the seed and the rate of application for your needs. It is a very effective method of seeding for large and leveled areas.

No matter the scope of your project, we can work with you to achieve it.

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How Drill Seeding Works

Drill seeding is done by a machine mounted to a tractor that drills hundreds of holes at once while simultaneously dropping in seed and packing the seed with dirt. Drill seeding is typically done in flat areas such as fields. The drilling process disturbs the soil less than traditional sodding processes, which reduces soil compaction and soil erosion. The huge reduction in soil compaction and soil erosion is one great advantage of our equipment.

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Drill Seeding VS. Hydroseeding

Hydroseed is made of a  slurry of seeds, fertilizer, water, and fiber mulch. It is applied using a pump and hose to spray the seeds and establish vegetation. It is usually done in areas where there is uneven or sloping terrain and access to water.

Drill seeding is used instead of hydroseeding when water is less accessible. It is also used in areas that are relatively flat terrain.

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When to use Drill Seeding

If you have a large flat area in need of vegetation, drill seeding is the right method for you. The specialized equipment allows for quick seeding even in areas spanning thousands of acres. It is also recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the seeding method for conservation plantings because of its low impact on the soil and the control over seed depth. After the seed is placed in the drilled hole, it is packed with soil and this helps protect it which is ideal for areas with wildlife and heavy winds or rain.

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best time for Drill Seeding

The best time for drill seeding is early fall as the cooler temperatures help the seeds retain their moisture instead of drying out, and the weather also gives the seeds enough sunlight and rain to germinate before going into winter hibernation. Aside from taking into account the weather, you will also want to complete drill seeding services whenever you have areas at risk of erosion.

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How We Use Drill Seeding For Erosion Control & Vegetation Establishment