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What is Hydroseeding?

The Green Alternative

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Hydroseeding is the process of spraying a slurry of seed, mulch, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and a tackifier onto bare ground as a means of efficiently seeding, and eliminating invasive species.

This is often done in areas where grass needs to grow quickly to prevent erosion of the soil. Because the seeds are mixed with water, fiber mulch, and fertilizer  to speed up the germination process.

Hydroseed is most common on solar projects, mines, highway construction projects to get quick growth and prevent soil erosion.

All Green Hydroseed has industry leading equipment that’s capable of servicing any size project. We work directly with engineers to select native seeds for the environment.

Hydroseeding is a cost-effective solution for erosion control, invasive species suppression, and vegetation establishment.

Our knowledgeable hydroseeding specialists are available to discuss your current and upcoming projects, give us a call today.

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How Hydroseeding Works

Hydroseeding is a versatile process that can incorporate almost any type of seed, mulch, soil, or slurry mix. All Green Hydroseed is a knowledgeable and experienced company that  will provide the highest quality slurry mix for optimal results.

The slurry helps the seed to germinate quickly, and hydroseeding helps to keep the soil moist. Unlike straw or hay mulch, hydroseeding contains no invasive species and the tackifier holds the mulch in place and helps prevent washout by bonding the fiber mulch to the top soil.

Why You Need To Hire A Professional

It is important to hire a professional company for your hydroseeding services. There are many factors to consider such as the equipment used. An experienced company will be able to formulate the correct mixture and provide optimal growth. All Green Hydroseed should be the choice for your next project.

Hydroseeding VS. Drill Seeding

Both seeding options can be used to reduce erosion. The better option for your project will depend on your location, terrain, and available resources. Hydroseeding is great for uneven areas with incline and availability of water.

The drill seeding process involves a large machine drilling small holes, planting seeds at a controlled depth, and then packing the seed into soil. This protects the seed from wildlife, wind and other elements. Drill seeding is great for large flat areas with limited water.

How To Control Erosion

Erosion can not only be costly, but also harmful to the environment. Losing large amounts of top soil and silt can be disastrous for the environment and can harm local water sources. The solution is to vegetate the exposed soil over the areas disturbed.

The grass roots will grow into the soil and help stabilize the area. The vegetation will also reduce water damage by absorbing  into the sedimentary layers. All Green Hydroseed can provide grading services and install water diversion pathways. All of these combined techniques will be sure to control your erosion issues.

What To Expect

Hydroseeding services can be provided almost year round however, fall and spring are the best times for hydroseeding in New England. Seasons where heavy rain fall is less frequent are ideal to avoid a washout. These time frames change depending on where you are located in the country. 

After the seeding is sprayed, you will need to avoid disturbing it as much as possible. This includes driving and walking on the areas. If possible, you will need to water the areas after application. We will discuss time frames with you and ensure you are clear about the care. 

Our Recent Projects

No project is too big, we work with all types of projects. From highway construction to solar farms to mines, you’ll get quality service every time. Check out some of our recent projects...

Wallingford, CT Solar Field

Located in Wallingford, Connecticut this large scale solar installation was a large scale project that covered several acres of land. Our team provided the revegetation and erosion management following the successful installation of the the solar arrays.

Brooklyn, NY Vegetation

Located in Brooklyn, New York, our team successfully provided the vegetation for an expansion of Steiner Studios. Both the Titan T400 and T330 hydroseeders were utilized in this project.

Rutland, VT Solar Install

Located in Rutland, Vermont, a large scale solar installation was completed during the summer of 2021. Throughout the project, the All Green Hydroseed team provided erosion control and vegetation establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This really depends on the size of your project. If you have considerable acreage and specific specifications we will need to quote you to provide accurate time frames. We have the largest and most advanced equipment which allows us to cover vast acreage quickly. Contact us today to speak with our professionals about your project.

Every morning we have a JSA (job safety analysis) form filled out and discuss tasks and obstacles in daily briefings. Our team has implemented necessary PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, work vests, safety gloves, and work boots etc.

Yes, the entire All Green Hydroseed team has their OSHA certifications and take safety courses through out the year. In the 10 years that All Green Hydroseed has been in business we have a proven safety record with no OSHA violation. 

A hydroseed mixture can is prepared by using any type of grass, wildflower or pollinator seed mix. Factors such as the level of sunlight and the amount of rain will determine which specific species is recommended for your particular project.

A 700 acre vegetation establishment project utilizing both drill seeding and hydroseeding, located on the West coast.

Safety has always been our priority and every member of our team has a stop work authority. This means if any team member feels unsafe they are authorized to stop work without repercussions. Situations included in a stop work authority are as follow:

  • change in conditions
  • changes to scope of work
  • emergency situation
  • improperly used equipment
  • lack of knowledge
  • near-miss incident
  • unsafe conditions

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